$500 Account Follow Along Day 2 | Trading $HOOD’s Stock Buyback & Charting $PLTR

Robinhood, the trading app that revolutionized retail investing, just announced its first-ever stock buyback plan. This $1 billion repurchase program signals a potential turning point for the company, but what does it mean for investors, and our $500 Account Follow Along! $HOOD was on our watchlist, so we break down the news and how we are playing it in this article, as well as a trade idea for $PLTR!

May 29, 2024
Meta Matt
Updated Watchlist

Welcome to day 2 of my $500 Account Follow Along! Check out the prior $500 Account Follow Along Blog Post where we break down all our trade ideas and build a watchlist!

$HOOD Flirts With Entry After Stock Buyback News Drops

$HOOD (Robinhood Markers Inc) broke above our $20.90 price level of interest. We were watching for a 4H candle close above $20.90 to set up a limit order at $20.90.

Check Out Our $HOOD Trade Idea!

$HOOD closed a 4H candle above $20.90 right at market close. I will personally be waiting until market open to make any moves on this one, as pre-market trading volume/volatility can be sketchy for Limit Orders, and I won’t be actively watching the charts that early.

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The other plays on our watchlist aren’t close enough to our price levels of interest for me to worry much about them for tomorrow morning. I’ll be checking $HOOD in the morning however, and assessing how I will play it, and post it in the discord!

Robinhood Announces First-Ever Stock Buyback: Signaling Maturity or Cash Grab?

Robinhood, the popular trading app for retail investors, announced its first-ever share buyback plan on Tuesday. They plan to repurchase $1 billion worth of stock over the next two to three years.

Why it Matters:

This move signals a potential shift for Robinhood. Traditionally, stock buybacks are associated with more established companies. By initiating a buyback, Robinhood is trying to convince investors it's maturing beyond its startup phase.


There are two ways to interpret this:

  • Maturity Play: Robinhood might be trying to attract new investors seeking stable, long-term companies.Repurchasing shares can indicate confidence in the company's future and potentially boost stock prices.
  • Undervaluation Signal: Robinhood's share price is still significantly lower than its December 2021 peak. The buyback could be a way to signal they believe the stock is undervalued and ripe for a rebound.

Investors seem to be cautiously optimistic. Robinhood's share price jumped after the announcement, but the company still has a long way to go to reach its pre-downturn highs. This buyback plan is a gamble for Robinhood. Only time will tell if it's a sign of a maturing company or an attempt to prop up a struggling stock.

$PLTR Trade Idea

We will be discussing this trade idea we came up with today in our next video! So make sure to follow @PennyboisStock on YouTube and X!!!

Entry: Watching for a break below $17.25 followed by a 4H candle close back above $17.25.
Targets: $22+
Stop Loss: $15.50

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