No FOMO | $500 Account Challenge Day 16

UA is up 3% today, but don't worry, we're not feeling the FOMO! Our pre-planned stop out from Friday protected our capital, and let's face it, the market could have just as easily gone the other way. This is a great reminder that sticking to the plan, even when emotions run high, is key in trading. We exited to manage risk, and now we're focused on finding new opportunities that fit our strategy!

June 20, 2024
Meta Matt

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Day 3: Buying $HOOD
Day 4: Up 5% on $HOOD
Day 5: Entered $UA Trade
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Day 10: Roaring Kitty Meows
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Day 12: $NIO Trade Entry
Day 13: Taking Profits In $HOOD
Day 14: Stopping Out Of $UA
Day 15: Stopping Out Of Everything


This is the journal entry for the trading day of 6/17

Let's talk about the ⁠$UA trade. While it's up 3% today (we stopped out Friday), there's no need for FOMO! We exited on Friday according to our pre-determined plan to manage risk. Remember, predicting the future is impossible. Exiting protected our capital, and there could have easily been bad news today causing a drop instead. Trading is a discipline. Sticking to our plan, even when emotions run high, is crucial. By following a sound strategy and focusing on the process, we make informed decisions, not impulsive ones. The good news is, we're constantly searching for new trading opportunities that align with our strategy!!

Wins Outweigh The Losses

So we stopped out of 3 plays for losses, and we had 1 play go for profit. However because of our Risk Management strategies we are still profitable!

You don't need a 100% win rate to be profitable!!

As you can see we are still profitable, we also have earned $1.84 from Webull throughout this challenge via interest for keeping our Cash on the app.

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