Why I Am Bullish On $TKO | $500 Account Challenge Day 27

Is John Cena's T-Shirt Era Over? WWE Gets Edgy with Netflix Gamble (and Why $TKO Might Be a Bullish Bet) Remember the electrifying "Attitude Era" of professional wrestling? Get ready for a revival! This blog dives into WWE's exciting shift towards a more mature product, fueled by The Rock's return, Triple H's influence, and a daring deal with Netflix. Is this the dawn of a new golden age for professional wrestling? And could this translate to a win for investors in TKO Group Holdings? (NYSE: TKO) Find out here! This blog explores the strategic moves WWE is making to recapture a passionate audience and expand their reach. From the return of edgy storylines to a global platform on Netflix, WWE is taking calculated steps to reignite excitement. For investors, this renewed focus on adult fans and a potential surge in viewership could be a positive sign for TKO's long-term prospects.

July 7, 2024
Meta Matt

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Why I'm Bullish Long Term on TKO: The Future of Sports Entertainment is Electrifying

The world of sports entertainment is electric, and TKO Group Holdings (NYSE: TKO), the parent company of UFC and WWE, is at the forefront of the charge. While UFC and WWE operate under separate brands within TKO, the merger has created a powerhouse in the sports entertainment industry. While the market can be unpredictable, I believe TKO has the potential for serious long-term growth.

  • UFC: As the undisputed leader in MMA, UFC continues to experience explosive growth. Record-breaking pay-per-view buys and sold-out arenas solidify UFC's position as a global phenomenon. Their winning strategy extends beyond the octagon – lucrative sponsorships with partners like Crypto.com further solidify their financial strength.
  • WWE: "Monday Night Raw" and "SmackDown" remain pop culture staples, consistently captivating millions worldwide. The highly anticipated WWE content deal with Netflix has the potential to be a game-changer, exposing the brand to a whole new audience. Furthermore, WWE isn't afraid to push boundaries. For the first time ever, they've secured a brand partnership for a prominent in-ring PRIME Hydration station at their Premium Live Events (PLEs).

TKO isn't just about in-ring action. The company is a master of generating revenue through merchandise sales, video game licensing, and travel packages. This diversified business model provides a strong financial foundation for continued growth. With international events and strategic partnerships, TKO is positioned to dominate new markets. This global expansion will bring the excitement of UFC and WWE to a wider audience, further amplifying the company's reach.

WWE Has Made Some Big Moves Recently To Increase Their Income From Sponsorships

Logan Paul, Dwayne Johnson and Bad Bunny Bring Star Power to TKO

A-List Allies: WWE is attracting major celebrities like Bad Bunny, bringing a fresh wave of excitement and mainstream attention. These collaborations not only boost viewership but also evolve the brand's image, making it more relevant to a younger generation.

Bad Bunny Hitting WWE's Current World Heavyweight Champion Damien Priest With A Kendo Stick

Take Logan Paul for example. He's not just a wrestler; he's a social media juggernaut with millions of followers across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. This built-in fanbase injects a surge of youthful energy into the WWE audience. Paul's involvement hasn't been limited to in-ring competition. He's also brought in online personalities like Streamer IShowSpeed, Youtuber KSI, his brother Jake Paul, and even Professional Sports stars to create a buzz around WWE events, further blurring the lines between sports entertainment and pop culture.

Logan Paul Has Taken On WWE's Top Stars Such As Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, And Even Is The Current WWE United States Champion

The Dawn Of The Attitude Era 2.0?

The past decade of WWE has been dominated by John Cena merchandise and a family-friendly atmosphere. While this strategy brought success, it alienated a core audience: hard-core adult fans (like the ECW and WWF days). Enter AEW, a competitor that catered directly to this demographic with a more mature product. AEW wasn't afraid of chair shots to the head, curse words, bloody matches, and all the things Vince McMahon's WWE has was avoiding on their PG programming. The success of AEW forced WWE to re-evaluate its approach.

AEW Was Created To Provide A More "Adult-Friendly" Alternative For Wrestling Fans

The Rock Throws Down, and a Familiar Feeling Returns: The return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. His electrifying presence and signature brand of brash humor, complete with the return of some well-placed F-Bombs, resonated with fans who craved the rawness of the "Attitude Era." He even whipped Cody Rhodes with his belt on national television and referred to his fans as "Cody Cry-Baby Bitches". This wasn't a coincidence – it was a strategic move.

WWE Answered Back To AEW By Including Less "PG-Friendly" Content

Vince Steps Aside, Triple H Steps Up - A New Era Dawns: With Vince McMahon's departure following recent controversies, the reins fell to Triple H, a legend synonymous with the Attitude Era. Triple H's influence, combined with The Rock's return, paints a clear picture: WWE is ready to push the boundaries once again.

Attitude Era 2.0 on Netflix: More Than Just Nostalgia: The upcoming, edgier content for Netflix isn't just a nostalgic play. It's a calculated move to:

  • Reclaim Disaffected Fans: The return to a more mature product could recapture the magic of the Attitude Era, drawing back fans who miss the unpredictable and intense atmosphere.
  • Expand the Audience: By offering a more mature product, WWE can attract a wider audience who craves compelling narratives and complex characters – elements that can resonate beyond just wrestling fans.
  • A Global Platform: Netflix's global reach allows WWE to introduce this new direction to a worldwide audience, potentially creating a new generation of passionate fans.

A more mature product comes with risks. Some existing fans, particularly families with young children, might be alienated. The content needs to be carefully crafted to avoid crossing the line. But the potential rewards are significant. WWE could not only win back lapsed fans but also create a whole new generation of devotees.

The shift towards a more mature product on Netflix signifies a bold new direction for WWE. It's a gamble, but one with the potential to reignite the passion of a bygone era and propel professional wrestling into a new and exciting chapter.

The Attitude Era

TKO Gets New Leadership While Their Competitors Struggle

While WWE thrives, competitor All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been grappling with recent controversies, including the firing of CM Punk after a backstage fight. This internal strife creates an opportunity for TKO to further solidify its dominance in the professional wrestling world.

UFC Heats Up: The return of legendary fighters like Conor McGregor has UFC fans buzzing. Social media savvy stars like Sean O'Malley and Sean Strickland are taking things a step further, leveraging platforms like the NELK Podcast to cultivate a more personal connection with fans, further boosting UFC's popularity.

UFC Fighter Sean O'Malley Hanging Out With Influencers Bradley Martin And SteveWillDoIt

Sold-Out Arenas and Soaring PPVs: TKO's success is evident in sold-out arenas and thriving pay-per-view sales. This consistent sell-out trend is a strong indicator of the passionate fanbase behind UFC and WWE.

TKO Group Holdings holds a powerful combination: captivating content, strategic partnerships, and a growing global audience. With visionary leadership and a finger on the pulse of pop culture, TKO is poised to reign supreme in the world of sports entertainment for years to come. This is an exciting company to watch, but remember – conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

Our $TKO Trade Idea

We currently are looking for a little pullback here, we have a Limit Order Buy set at $108.06. Our target is $113.68+, with a stop loss at $105.56.

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