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Ready to conquer the financial markets, but don't know where to start? Pennybois University offers a comprehensive learning path to empower your trading journey! This guide dives into our FREE trading classes and programs, designed to cater to all experience levels.

July 4, 2024
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Trading 101: Pennybois University LITE

Confused by stock market jargon? Pennybois University Lite can help! This free video program offers a comprehensive 50-part series designed specifically for beginners. Each bite-sized lesson tackles a different aspect of trading, from understanding basic concepts like options and charting to analyzing market fundamentals. Pennybois University Lite even delves into more complex areas like forex and futures trading. The beauty? It's not a rigid program! Pick and choose the topics that pique your interest, learning at your own pace to build a strong foundation for your trading journey. Classes 11-20 is an "Options 101" series.

  1. Trading Terminology
  2. Stock Market Indices
  3. Types Of Stocks
  4. Portfolio Diversification 101
  5. Fundamental Analysis Made Easy
  6. Technical Analysis 101
  7. Risk Management 101
  8. Portfolio Management 101
  9. Following Market News
  10. Trading Psychology 101
  11. Options Trading Explained
  12. Trading Options Premiums & Using The Greeks
  13. Short Selling Options Contracts
  14. Covered CALLS
  15. Spread Trading
  16. Options Trading Brokers
  17. Options Trading Tools
  18. Protective PUTS
  19. Iron Condors
  20. Straddles In Options Trading
  21. Reading Level 2 In The Stock Market
  22. Taxes In Trading
  23. Trading Psychology Techniques
  24. The Art Of Trading
  25. Becoming A “Jedi” In The Stock Market
  26. Futures Trading Explained
  27. Commodity Trading 101
  28. Regulatory Environment In The Stock Market
  29. How To Become A Millionaire
  30. $100K In 100 Days
  31. Wash Sale Rule
  32. Behavioral Finance P1
  33. Behavioral Finance P2
  34. 5 Charting Indicators
  35. Fair Value Gap 101
  36. Insider Trading & Market Manipulation 101
  37. Stock Chart Types
  38. Moving Averages 101
  39. Base Metals vs Precious Metals
  40. Trading Electricity
  41. Trading Brokers 101
  42. 5 Trading Strategies
  43. 85% Trading Strategy
  44. Are Win Rates A Scam?
  45. Futures Trading 101
  46. Options Trading Strategy
  47. MACD 101
  48. Bollinger Bands 101
  49. Triangles, Wedges, Flags and Pennants
  50. RSI Divergence 101

Trading 201 | New Traders Program

Feeling the itch to trade, but overwhelmed by where to start? Our New Traders Program is your one-stop shop! This concise 22-class video series dives into the essentials you need, from mastering trading psychology to navigating brokers and platforms. Learn how to "read" the market with charting techniques, analyze company fundamentals, and even explore options trading - all in a beginner-friendly format. Whether you're a complete newcomer or a seasoned investor looking for a refresher, this program empowers you to build a solid trading foundation at your own pace. We suggest starting from class 1 and going down in order for this series.

  1. How To Get Started Trading In Pennybois
  2. Getting Started Trading Stocks & Crypto
  3. Intro To Trading Psychology
  4. Overcoming FOMO
  5. What Type Of Trader Am I?
  6. Emotions In Trading
  7. Trader Types
  8. Free Trading Sites
  9. Webull vs Robinhood
  10. Finviz 101
  11. Shorting, Halts, Financials and Splits
  12. Diversification
  13. Risk:Reward
  14. Making A Trading Plan
  15. Note Taking
  16. Candles
  17. Candle Patterns
  18. Support and Resistance
  19. Moving Averages
  21. Oversold/Overbought Indicators
  22. Options Trading Explained

Bonus Trading Classes

Feeling confident after conquering the core curriculum of the New Traders Program? Unlock a whole new level of knowledge with our extensive library of bonus classes! These bite-sized lessons let you explore specific areas of the market at your own pace, with topics ranging from traditional stocks to the cutting edge of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

No rigid order here! Pick and choose the classes that pique your interest, whether you're curious about navigating the crypto world or want to learn more about advanced stock analysis. The New Traders Program Bonus Classes empower you to continuously expand your trading knowledge and explore new investment opportunities.

Classes On Stocks & Options Trading

  1. Trading Brokers
  2. Intro To Trading
  3. Order Types 101
  4. Trading In A Red Market
  5. Trading While Working 9-5
  6. Due Diligence 101
  7. Short Squeezes And Low Floats
  8. Managing Risk Properly
  9. Finviz Screener 101
  10. Setting Stop Losses On Webull
  11. Setting Take Profit On Webull
  12. Setting Stop Limit Orders On Robinhood
  13. Coverdell or 529 College Savings Plans
  14. The "Secret" To Early Retirement
  15. Interest Rates 101
  16. Options Trading 101
  17. Options Trading 102

Charting Classes

  1. Support And Resistance For Beginners
  2. ADX/DMI Indicators
  3. ATR/SAR Indicators
  4. RSI & Welles Wilder Indicators
  5. SuperTrend Indicator
  6. Williams % Indicator
  7. Stochastic Indicator
  8. Alligator Oscillator
  9. Pivot Point Indicator
  10. Ultimate Oscillator

Crypto, Web3 & NFTs

  1. Crypto Wallet/Exchange Overview
  2. MetaMask/Coinbase 101
  3. Setting Up MetaMask Wallet In 60 Seconds
  4. Phantom Wallet 101
  5. How To Trade MemeCoins
  6. Bitcoin Guide
  7. NFT Helpful Links
  8. NFTs Explained
  9. NFT Due Diligence
  10. How To Mint An NFT
  11. Buying/Selling NFTs
  12. How To Find NFTs
  13. How To Enter Decentraland's Metaverse
  14. Exploring Decentraland's Metaverse
  15. Leverage Trading

OTC Trading

  1. What Is OTC Trading?
  2. 3 OTC Market Level Tiers
  3. OTC Brokers

Live Classes

Pennybois University's Live Classes offer an interactive learning experience to complement your trading education. Unlike pre-recorded courses, these dynamic sessions allow you to ask questions in real-time and engage with experienced instructors. Live sessions delve deeper into various topics, from options and stocks to forex, providing valuable insights and fostering a comprehensive understanding of complex trading concepts. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, Pennybois University Live Classes cater to your needs, offering the opportunity to explore specific areas and ask questions in a dynamic learning environment.

  1. Trading Tips With Ethan PLAYLIST
  2. Pennybois University Overviews PLAYLIST
  3. Forex Overview
  4. Bitcoin Overview
  5. Trading IPOs
  6. Intro To Our Premium Charting Master-Course
  7. Charting Live PLAYLIST
  8. Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions
  9. Candle Patterns In Action
  10. Reading CandleStick Patterns
  11. RSI And Moving Averages
  12. Reading Support/Resistance
  13. Options Trading Overview
  14. Determining Options Premiums To Buy
  15. Options Greeks
  16. Screeners And Scanners
  17. Dividends Explained
  18. Dividend Portfolio Setup
  19. Taxes & LLCs
  20. Trading Psychology Perspectives
  21. Trading Psychology Workshop
  22. The Paradox Of Choice
  23. Building Your Trading Strategy

Trading Psychology Series

Pennybois University's Trading Psychology Live Series tackles the often-ignored, yet crucial, aspect of trading: your mindset. While technical knowledge is important, mastering your emotions and thought processes is what separates successful traders from the rest. Our interactive Live Series goes beyond the surface level of risk management, delving into the realm of risk perception. We'll help you truly understand how you view risk and its impact on your trading decisions. This series equips you with the foundational knowledge to conquer your emotions and make informed choices. From understanding your inherent biases to managing fear and greed, we'll guide you through building a winning trading mindset. Develop discipline, emotional control, and a powerful trading routine. Don't just trade, trade smart.

  1. Introduction To Psychology: Understanding the role of psychology in trading, common psychological challenges faced by traders, and introduction to key concepts: fear, greed, and discipline.
  2. Emotion Management: Recognizing and managing emotions in trading, techniques for controlling fear and greed, cultivating emotional resilience,
  3. Cognitive Biases In Trading: Exploring cognitive biases and their impact on decision-making, overcoming confirmation bias/overconfidence/anchoring, and strategies to mitigate the effects of biases.
  4. Risk Perception And Management: Understanding risk perception in trading, assessing risk tolerance and risk appetite, and implementing effective risk management techniques.
  5. Trading Mindsets: Developing a disciplined trading mindset, setting realistic goals and expectations, and cultivating patience and persistence.
  6. Building Confidence: Strategies for building and maintaining trading confidence, overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure, and importance of self-awareness in building confidence.
  7. Psychological Aspects Of Trading Systems: Evaluating trading systems from a psychological perspective, aligning trading strategies with individual personality and preferences, and adapting to market conditions and maintaining flexibility.
  8. Performance Psychology: Enhancing trading performance through mental techniques, utilizing visualization and mental rehearsal, and maintaining focus and concentration during trading.
  9. Handling Loss: Coping with losses and drawdowns, learning from mistakes and setbacks, and avoiding revenge trading and emotional trading.
  10. Trader Psychology In Different Market Environments: Understanding how psychology varies in different market conditions, psychological challenges in bull, bear, and sideways markets, and adapting trading strategies to market sentiment.
  11. Social And Environmental Influences: Impact of social media, news, and peer influence on trading decisions, managing external distractions and noise, and creating a conducive trading environment.

Premium Class Preview

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Unlock the first 3 classes of our Trading 301 Premium Course for FREE! This in-depth course delve deeper into the world of finance, building upon your existing knowledge.

  1. Trading Plans
  2. Trade Tracking
  3. Trade Tracking Software

Ready to take your trading education to the next level? Pennybois University's Premium Membership unlocks a world of exclusive resources designed to accelerate your trading journey. Gain access to in-depth Premium Education Courses, master the markets with comprehensive Master Classes, and participate in interactive Live Sessions. Plus, enjoy the invaluable guidance of a dedicated Trading Coach and stay ahead of the curve with timely Trading Alerts. Elevate your trading experience and unlock your full potential with Pennybois University Premium Membership!

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