Guns, Gears, Groceries, & the GOP: Mid-Term Stock Picks

This year, seats in both the Senate and House are up for grabs in the mid-term elections. What stocks should you be looking at for if the Republicans win?

October 24, 2022

It goes without saying that the stock market can be extremely volatile. Similarly, election season tends to be a volatile period of time.

This year, seats in both the Senate and House are up for grabs in the mid-term elections. Players on both teams, the Democratic and the Republican Parties, are campaigning hard for our votes. But who's looking out for your financial security?

Answer: We are.

To ensure you're prepared no matter what November brings, here are our stock picks for if the Republicans take the mid-term elections.




Regardless of how you feel about the brand, the reality is that Americans continue to look to Walmart (NYSE: $WMT) for our grocery and household needs. But in an inronic twist considering the company's slogan, Walmart continues to explore avenues to "Save Money. Live Better," including taking a very firm stance against minimum wage increases.

If Republicans regain control of the House, there's a strong chance that $WMT would see an uptick in its stock price.

Independent of whether the GOP take the mid-terms, many experts look at $WMT almost as a safeguard against economic uncertainty as Walmart has boosted its dividend consistently for the past 50 years.

$WMT Walmart chart
Price at writing:
Possible plays:
  1. Point of entry is when $WMT finds a bottom around $128.
  2. Look for a break and hold above $133.


Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson

Republicans and the Second Amendment are like two peas in a pod, so a Republican victory would likely benefit Smith & Wesson.

Smith & Wesson creates, produces, and distributes weapons globally to anyone interested in firearms, including collectors, hunters, sportsmen, competitive shooters, law enforcement, and military personnel, not to exclude those buying S&W weapons simply for protection.

$SWBI is trading at a better value than peers are seeing in terms of the ratio of price to earnings. It's also a discount to the industry average.

$SMBI Smith & Wesson chart
Price at writing:
Possible plays:
  1. We're in a holding pattern, waiting to buy until $SWBI bottoms out around $8.56.
  2. Look for a break and hold above $10.66.


Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

An industry leader in the defense sector, Lockheed Martin could soon have another global catalyst.

Although defense stocks aren’t usually winners when the Democrats are running the show, a Republican House victory could turn market sentiment back in Lockheed’s favor, making $LMT one of the top companies to purchase. After all, the GOP often calls for an increase in our defense budget.

President Biden recently made his intention clear that if China were to attack Taiwan, the US will step in to assist in Taiwan's defense, which has already made $LMT more attractive.

$LMT Lockheed Martin chart
Price at writing:
Possible plays:
  1. Wait for the confirmation break out of this descending wedge. Once it's over $16, you can make your buy, adding a second buy at the level.
  2. Make a first buy off rejection of the upper wedge trend line, finding bottom wedge trend support or the $14.80 area.


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