Break-Up With You Husband/Wife With A Pizza Hut Pie?!? | $YUM Trade Idea

Happy National Pizza Day!! In this article we talk about the mysterious dead body found in a Pizza Hut dumpster, Pizza Hut's "Goodbye Pie" that you can send to your ex for Valentine's Day, and a trade idea for $YUM (the company that owns Pizza Hut).

February 9, 2024
Meta Matt

You Can Break Up With Your Husband/Wife With Pizza Hut This Valentine's Day

45% of people agree it's better to break-up before Valentine's Day. That might be one reason why the Tuesday before Valentine's is known as "Red Tuesday" due to being the day people break up most often in the year. "Breakups are awkward. We can help. Send a free Hot Honey Goodbye Pie from now through Valentine’s Day, and the delivery driver will deliver the bad news in the best way" reads homepage, the official site for Pizza Hut's deal going on from February 6th to February 14th.

They Are Selling Fast

Pizza lovers in New York City, Chicago, and Miami can submit their entry for a chance to send a free hot honey "Goodbye Pie" to their significant others, or soon to be ex. The limited-edition "Goodbye Pies" box even has a blank space to write your exes name! For those outside of the three cities offering this deal, you can still apply to have a gift card to Pizza Hut that can be redeemed for a free Hot Honey pizza sent to you soon to be ex, along with a break-up text. They even have an "Excuse Generator" on the site, where you can get "break up excuses" like "I need to spend more time with my pet tarantula and on an unrelated note I never learned how to love."

Breakup Excuse Generator By Pizza Hut

The free pizzas and gift cards sell out fast on the website, so you have to try to be early! This is part of the new "Pizza wHut!?" campaign that is Pizza Hut's attempt to lean more into mobile-focused creative campaigns.

Body Found In Pizza Hut Dumpster In South Milwaukee Being Investigated

The South Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a body found Wednesday in a Pizza Hut dumpster as a homicide. Medical examiners identified the body as Alexander Stengel, a 55 year old male. It was a garbage collector who found the body inside the Pizza Hut garbage cart. Crews with HAZMAT suits were seen investigating the crime scene. No arrests have been made yet.

How Our Exclusive In-House Analysts Are Trading Pizza Hut's Stock $YUM

Yum! Brands, the former Tricon Global Restaurants, is a global fast-food giant operating iconic chains like KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. With over 55,000 restaurants in 155 countries, they serve millions daily. They trade under the ticker symbol $YUM.

Despite navigating a competitive landscape, Yum! Brands boasts a powerful arsenal. From iconic brands like KFC and Taco Bell to impressive profit margins and global reach, their strengths position them for continued success. Let's dive into some of their strengths:

  • Strong Brands: Yum! owns some of the most recognizable and successful fast-food brands globally, including KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and The Habit Burger Grill. These brands have strong brand loyalty and established market presence.
  • Profitable Margins: Compared to its industry peers, Yum! boasts impressive profit margins (21.32% profit margin, 31.9% operating margin), indicating efficient operations and cost control.
  • Global Reach: Yum! operates in over 140 countries, providing geographical diversification and growth potential in emerging markets.
  • Shareholder-Friendly: The company has a consistent track record of share buybacks and dividend payouts, returning value to shareholders.

While Yum! shines in many areas, weaknesses linger. From fierce competition and economic pressures to a hefty debt load and reliance on franchisees, these challenges could chip away at their momentum. Let's explore the chinks in Yum!'s armor:

  • Competition: The fast-food industry is highly competitive, with new entrants and existing players constantly vying for market share.
  • Macroeconomic Headwinds: Rising inflation and interest rates could impact consumer spending and profitability.
  • Debt Load: Yum! has a relatively high debt-to-equity ratio compared to some peers, potentially impacting financial flexibility.
  • Franchise Dependence: As a franchisor, Yum! relies heavily on franchise success, which can be susceptible to economic downturns and local regulations.
$YUM Is Showing Bullish On StocksBuddy 4H Chart

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$YUM has a Fair Value Gap on the 4H chart shown above with the green rectangle. The middle of that gap is the current support level StocksBuddy is showing. One option that we personally are watching would be waiting for the price to break back into that Fair Value Gap at $129.34 and then have a 4H close back above it for entry.

$YUM Is Also Bullish On The 1H Chart

On the 1H chart the price is trading within the Fair Value Gap shown above with a green rectangle. The middle of that Fair Value Gap has been acting as support. One option we personally are watching for is to wait for a breakout above the Fair Value Gap range, meaning $130.80 for entry, ideally followed by a retest.

The safest bet for a bullish breakout play is waiting for a break and retest of the $132.50 resistance level StocksBuddy has at the top of those two monthly candle wicks. If you were waiting for a retest of the $130.90 level and didn't get one so missed out on an entry, $132.50 could be the next level to watch.

$128.71 Is A Key Support Level As It Lines Up With StocksBuddy's Support AND The Middle Of The Fair Value Gap

$128.71 is looking like a key support level. For those that are overall bearish on $YUM, one option is watching for a break below, followed by a strong retest of $128.71 for a short entry. Another option is waiting for it to break $141.25 ATH and ideally retest for a possible entry like we did with a few other trades recently.

Trade Idea #1: Bullish
Entry: Break below $129.34 followed by a 4H candle close above it
Targets: $141.20+
Stop Loss: $123.50

Trade Idea #2: Bullish
Entry: Break of $130.80 and retest
Targets: $141.20+
Stop Loss: $124

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Trade Idea #3: Bullish
Entry: Break of $132.50 and 1H or 4H Candle Close Above
Targets: $141.20+
Stop Loss: $125

Trade Idea #4: Bullish
Entry: Break of $141.25 and retest
Targets: $150, $155.21+
Stop Loss: $132.23

Trade Idea #5: Bearish
Entry: Break below followed by a strong retest of $128.71 for short entry
Targets: $117.67 and below
Stop Loss: $135

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