Why We Are Buying The Dragon Ball Z Inspired “Seiyans” NFT | $SEI Trade Idea

Our exclusive in-house analyst "BTC_Jay" is so bullish on $SEI (crypto token) that he bought an NFT in the SEI ecosystem called "Seiyans". Seiyans NFT is a Dragon Ball Z inspired NFT led by a team of impressive developers who have already launched multiple utility-packed websites and applications for their holders. The most impressive part, is that this started out as a free mint! In this article we will discuss Seiyans NFT, as well as $SEI token and the SEI Blockchain. We also give a trade idea at the end for $SEI.

February 1, 2024
Meta Matt
Keep Reading To See Why One Of Our Exclusive In-House Analysts BTC_Jay Bought Seiyans NFT

Trade Lightning Fast: Introducing SEI, the Scalable Blockchain Built for Traders

Get ready to ditch the lag and embrace SEI, one of the fastest blockchains on the block designed specifically for the high-pressure, fast-paced world of trading. This isn't just another chain; it's a game-changer promising unparalleled speed, unwavering security, and a seamless user experience built with traders in mind.

So, what problem is SEI solving? Traditional blockchains, while innovative, often choke under the weight of intense trading activity. Slow transaction times, exorbitant fees, and clunky interfaces can turn even the most seasoned trader into a flustered mess. SEI cuts through the chaos with its twin turbocharged engine:

  • Twin-Turbo Consensus: A unique hybrid of two proven algorithms, delivering lightning-fast finality in 380ms. That's over 100x faster than some popular blockchains, meaning your trades are confirmed almost instantly.
  • 20,000 Orders per Second: Imagine a world where placing an order feels like a breath, not a battle. SEI handles massive trade volume with ease, ensuring even the most frenzied markets stay smooth and responsive.

But speed isn't everything. SEI understands traders need more than just a fast lane. They crave security and fairness, and that's exactly what SEI delivers:

  • Security-First: Backed by industry giants and built with security at its core, SEI safeguards your funds and transactions with robust measures.
  • User-Centric Design: Open-source code, built-in frontrunning protection, and seamless interoperability empower you to trade with confidence and transparency.

Carbon Neutral & Engineered To Evolve

Sei Foundation stated that they are "committed to being carbon neutral and building a more energy-efficient digital assets industry." They leverage proof of stake and other eco-friendly concepts that help maintain minimal environmental impact.

Not only are they one of the fastest blockchains, it is also massively scalable and engineered to evolve. SEI is built with interoperability and language compatibility in mind, allowing it to evolve alongside the industry and users and developers evolve in this space. Modularity allows the Sei technology to add new innovations, as governed by the community. Sei is capable of supporting the largest apps in the world, making them massively scalable.

SEI Governance

SEI governance, like many other blockchains, is still under active development and refinement. However, several key components and proposed mechanisms are already outlined in their documentation and community discussions. Here's a breakdown of what we know so far:

Current System:

  • Sei Core Team: Currently, the core team governs the protocol, making decisions on things like code changes, parameter adjustments, and future development direction.
  • Token Holders: Through voting power proportional to their SEI token holdings, investors can participate in some decisions, such as choosing validators and approving certain upgrades.

Proposed Governance Mechanisms:

  • Sei DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): The proposed formation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) would shift governance power from the core team to token holders. This DAO would operate through on-chain proposals and voting, allowing the community to directly influence the future of the protocol.
  • Sei Improvement Proposals (SIPs): Similar to other established blockchains, SIPs would be formalized proposals for introducing changes to the protocol. Token holders would vote on these proposals to determine their implementation.
  • Decentralized Governance Modules: Long-term goals include developing on-chain governance modules for specific aspects of the protocol, such as fee parameters and validator selection. This would further distribute governance power and increase community control.

Overall, SEI governance is evolving towards a more decentralized model, empowering token holders to have a greater say in the future of the platform. While challenges remain, the community is actively discussing and refining potential governance mechanisms to ensure the long-term success and stability of the SEI protocol.

What does this mean for investors?


  • Unparalleled Speed: Say goodbye to agonizing wait times and seize opportunities before they vanish.
  • Lower Fees: Efficient infrastructure translates to competitive transaction costs, leaving more profit in your pocket.
  • New Trading Strategies: Unprecedented speed unlocks innovative trading approaches previously impossible on slower chains.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Invest in a platform built for the demands of tomorrow's decentralized financial landscape.


  • Relatively New: While promising, SEI is still under development, meaning potential risks come with any emerging technology.
  • Limited Ecosystem: As a young platform, the available applications and trading volume might be lower compared to established chains.

SEI isn't just a faster blockchain; it's a potential paradigm shift for trading in the crypto world. Its speed, security, and user-centric focus position it as a breeding ground for next-generation trading applications and financial tools.

So, should you invest in SEI? That's your call, we will provide our personal trade idea at the end of this article, but if you're a trader yearning for a faster, fairer, and more secure trading experience, SEI deserves a serious look. This could be the rocket ship that takes your trading game to the next level. For those looking to invest in $SEI, it's important to first see what the utility of the crypto is.

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$SEI Utility

SEI crypto, represented by the token $SEI, has several utilities within the SEI Network, a blockchain platform specifically designed for high-performance trading:

1. Network Fees: SEI is the primary token used to pay for transaction fees on the SEI Network. Every time you perform an action on the network, such as placing an order or settling a trade, you need to pay a small fee in SEI. This fee helps incentivize validators to secure the network and ensures its smooth operation.

2. Staking: SEI holders can participate in staking by locking up their tokens to support the network's security and earn rewards in return. Staking contributes to the platform's decentralization and stability, while offering token holders a passive income stream.

3. Governance: As the SEI Network evolves, token holders may be granted voting rights on proposals for future development and upgrades. This allows the community to actively shape the direction of the platform and contribute to its growth.

4. Collateral: In the future, SEI might be used as collateral for specific DeFi applications built on the network, potentially allowing users to borrow other assets or participate in margin trading. However, this feature is not yet available.

5. Trading Utility: Although primarily a governance and fee token, SEI might be integrated into certain decentralized exchanges (DEXs) built on the platform for specific trading strategies or functionalities. This is still under development and depends on individual DEX implementations.

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Why One Of Our Exclusive In-House Analysts Bought A "Seiyans NFT" On The SEI Blockchain

I (@METAMATTTRADES) have been trading NFTs for a while now, so when our head crypto analysis @BTC_JAY told me he bought his first ever NFT and was rocking it as his discord PFP, I knew I had to find out what it was!

Why Did Jay Buy This Dragon Ball Z Inspired NFT?

Seiyans NFT is a collection of 9001 unique "Seiyan's" that lives on the SEI blockchain. They had a free mint on December 29, 2023. The team consists of a variety of skilled developers, here's some of the features they've built and rolled out:

  • Assetify: This website showcases itself as a "Metaverse Asset NFT Marketplace", and was built by the Seiyan NFT developers. It can host various NFT projects, including Seiyans NFT. Users can sign into their profile and connect their wallet in order to get their "holders roles" (which grants those who hold a certain NFT in their wallet to access holders only chats and features on the project's discord.) Multi-wallet accessibility, support features, and self management capabilities are rumored as some features that will be added. Other project founders can apply to get Assetify on their own discord.
  • SeiyanSwap: You can trade your Seiyan NFTs OTC (over-the-counter) via SeiyanSwap. This lets you forgo the fees associated with other Marketplaces. SeiyanSwap was also created by the team of developers behind The Seiyans NFT.
  • Raffles: If you go to SeiyanSwap's homepage you will see a section for "Raffles". This section is "coming soon", but I bet it will be a fun way for holders to win prizes or more Seiyan NFTs.
  • Marketplace: They are also working on building their very own NFT Marketplace to help scale the SEI network. It is called "MRKT Exchange", and is reportedly set to launch this month. One post on X implies there will be leaderboards, and that this will be available for all SEI NFTs, not just Seiyans NFT.
  • BALDAO: So before we get into what BALDAO is, we need to go over what a DAO is.
The Seiyans Discord

What Is A DAO?

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a new type of organization structured and governed on blockchain technology. In simpler terms, it's a group of people coming together on the blockchain to achieve a shared goal without any central leadership.

  • Decentralized: No single person or entity is in charge. Decisions are made collectively through voting by members who hold DAO tokens.
  • Autonomous: Rules and operations are encoded in smart contracts, self-executing agreements on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  • Transparent: All transactions and decision-making processes are publicly viewable on the blockchain.
  • Community-driven: The community holds the power to propose changes, vote on proposals, and shape the organization's future.

How DAOs work:

  1. Founding: A group of people with a shared vision create a DAO by writing smart contracts and launching them on a blockchain.
  2. Membership: People join the DAO by acquiring tokens, often representing voting rights and potential benefits.
  3. Treasury: The DAO collects funds through token sales, membership fees, or other means.
  4. Proposals: Members can propose changes to the DAO's rules, operations, or projects.
  5. Voting: Token holders vote on proposals, and decisions are made based on majority consensus.
  6. Execution: Smart contracts automatically execute decisions, ensuring transparency and immutability.

Benefits of DAOs:

  • Transparency: All transactions and operations are publicly viewable, reducing the risk of corruption or mismanagement.
  • Participation: Anyone with tokens can participate in governance and decision-making.
  • Efficiency: Smart contracts automate tasks and processes, potentially reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Flexibility: DAOs can adapt and evolve quickly based on community consensus.

Challenges of DAOs:

  • Decision-making: Reaching consensus can be slow and complex, especially with large DAOs.
  • Security: Smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks or exploits.
  • Regulation: The legal and regulatory landscape surrounding DAOs is still evolving.
Learn About NFTs


NFT traits are unique attributes that differentiate individual NFTs within a collection, like clothing, accessories, facial expressions, or background colors. These traits affect the value and rarity of an NFT, with rarer combinations commanding higher prices and attracting collectors seeking unique pieces. Thousands of traits can be combined, creating vast possibilities for diverse and visually interesting NFT collections, fueling the appeal and potential of this digital asset space.

One of the traits for Seiyans NFT is a bald head. BALDAO is a DAO for people who hold a bald headed Seiyan NFT. It originally was started as a meme within their community, but due to popularity it became a real thing. The DAO includes a treasury, alpha chat, and exclusive white list giveaways for BADAO members only.

In order to join the BALDAO you must own a bald Seiyan NFT, have it verified on Assetify, and rock it as your PFP.

Check Out All The Bald Seiyans!

What Is The Seiyan NFT Counsil?

The Seiyan Council is an upcoming NFT collection, made by the Seiyan NFT team. It consists of 100 1/1 NFTs specially designed for those deemed the most esteemed members in the SEI community. The goal is to bring the best minds in the SEI community together so they can collaborate, build and grow. Seiyan holders will have priority access, but the goal is to unite the SEI ecosystem as a whole. You can nominate people on X, and say why they should be on the Seiyan Council. The Seiyan Council NFT will be a free airdrop mint.

The Seiyans NFT Has A Very Active And Positive Community

How Our Exclusive In-House Analysts Are Trading $SEI


"Right now the high timeframe points of interest are $0.5512, $0.4163, and $0.2991. There are two ways I personally would like to play this. Keep in mind I am bullish on SEI. The first way would be to use the technical analysis strategy we taught in the discord, looking for a move below any of these levels followed by a 4H candle close back above the same level. For those who are bullish and just looking to gain exposure can just acquire some SEI at the levels I mentioned, Dollar-Cost-Average style. My overall investment thesis: SEI to the moon! (NFA)" -BTC_JAY

Option 1: Dollar-Cost-Average
Entry: DCA Style at $0.5512, $0.4163, $0.2991. This strategy means buying $SEI once it drops to these levels, with the same amount of money per buy each time (NFA, DYOR). This is for those that are long term bullish and want to get exposure to $SEI.

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Option 2
Entry: Waiting for price to break below $0.5512 followed by a 4H candle close back above
Targets: $0.6226, $0.6869, $0.7480+
Stop Loss: The low that was made after the break of $0.5512, or a % you feel comfortable with for Risk:Reward.

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Option 3
Entry: Waiting for price to break below $0.4163 followed by a 4H candle close back above
Targets: $0.4532, $0.5055, $0.5511+
Stop Loss: The low that was made after the break of $0.4163, or a % you feel comfortable with for Risk:Reward.

Option 4
Entry: Waiting for price to break below $0.2991 followed by a 4H candle close back above
Targets: $0.3198, $0.3409+
Stop Loss: The low that was made after the break of $0.2991, or a % you feel comfortable with for Risk:Reward.

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