Coaching Syllabus & Schedule | TradeMentor Season 1

Dive into Season 1 of our Trading Strategy Program! This comprehensive program empowers you to master multiple trading styles. Get your hands on the Season 1 syllabus, live class schedule, and enrollment information below!!

July 2, 2024
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Pennybois Stock Alerts Presents: TradeMentor Season 1

Struggling In The Market? Let Us Help You Turn Your Mindset And Accounts Around!

Dive into Season 1 of our comprehensive Trading Strategy Program. This season equips you with the foundational knowledge and skills to navigate various trading styles. We'll guide you through 12 in-depth classes, covering your choice of swing trading, technical analysis, options income strategies, or day trading. Each session is packed with practical insights, empowering you to develop a personalized trading approach. Season 1 concludes with review sessions to solidify your understanding. But the learning doesn't stop there! Keep an eye out for Season 2 launching in August – it will offer a brand new lineup of classes to further refine your trading expertise. So, whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, join us and embark on your journey to mastering the markets!

What you'll find in this article:

  • Comprehensive Syllabus: Dive into the complete schedule and topics covered in Season 1.
  • Live Class Schedule: Plan your learning journey with the detailed live class schedule and session descriptions.
  • Enrollment Information: Eager to join the program? Learn how to sign up and become part of our trading community.

Live Group Sessions Schedule

SwingingBull's Options Income Strategy: Monday 2PM EST
Jay's Technical Analysis Strategy: Tuesday 11AM EST
Lee's Swing Trading Strategy: Thursday 11AM EST
Ethan's Day Trading Strategy: Thursday 9PM EST

Mad Maverick's Swing Trading Strategy Season 1 Syllabus

Session 1: Swing Trading Preparation & Types Of Channel Patterns.
Session 2: Incorporating RSI & Moving Averages
Session 3: Fundamental Metrics / Stock Screener Filters
Session 4: Risk Management
Session 5: MFI & OBV Indicators
Session6: Breakout Patterns
Session 7: Bullish & Bearish Candlestick Patterns
Session 8: Review of Strategy & Screener Search Filters
Session 9: Using The Strategy LIVE
Session 10: Targets/Stop-Losses
Session 11: Risk/Reward Ratio / Recapped Fib Retracement
Session 12: Technical Indicators

Jay's Technical Analysis Strategy Season 1 Syllabus

Session 1: Understanding Market Structure With Swing Points & Liquidity
Session 2: Identifying High-Probability Entry Zones With Order Blocks
Session 3: Exploiting Market Inefficiencies With Fair Value Gaps & Volume Imbalances
Session 4: Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions
Session 5: Trading Breakouts and Reversals With All-Time Highs (ATHs) & Lows (ATLs)
Session 6: Recognizing Price Momentum Using Deviations
Session 7: Validating Trading Signals Via Confirmations
Session 8: Selecting the Right Timeframes
Session 9: Identifying Underlying Buying Pressure Using Reaccumulation
Session 10: Identifying Underlying Selling Pressure Using Redistribution
Session 11: Risk Management & Position Sizing
Session 12: Intraday Trading

Ethan's Day Trading Strategy Season 1

Session 1: Understanding Market Basics
Session 2: Technical Analysis In Day Trading
Session 3: Risk Management Strategies
Session 4: Trading Psychology
Session 5: Day Trading Equities Vs Options
Session 6: Fundamental Analysis For Day Traders
Session 7: Charting Indicators For Day Traders
Session 8: Developing A Day Trading Plan
Session 9: Backtesting And Simulation
Session 10: Platform Familiarity
Session 11: Trade Management Techniques
Session 12: Reviewing And Analyzing Trades

SwingingBull's Options Income Strategy Season 1 Syllabus

Session 1: Cash Secured PUTS
Session 2: Covered CALLS
Session 3: The Wheel
Session 4: Buy+Write Strategy
Session 5: Credit Spreads
Session 6: Debit Spreads
Session 7: Iron Condors
Session 8: Inverse Iron Condors
Session 9: Review Of Strategy
Session 10: Finding Options Income Trades
Session 11: Managing Options Income Trades
Session 12: Reviewing And Analyzing Trades

Welcome To Season 1 Of Our Coaching Program!

This comprehensive coaching program is your one-stop shop to develop the skills and knowledge to dominate the markets. We've assembled a team of four expert coaches, each specializing in a key trading strategy:

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Our individual coaching options above are just $39.99/month. This gets you direct access to one of our expert trading coaches, along with all their dedicated classes. You'll also benefit from weekly live group coaching sessions and receive the coach's personal trade alert channel to stay ahead of the market.

Ready to Unlock More?

Keep reading to discover our Premium Membership, which grants access to all four coaches' premium alert channels (plus 10+ additional alert channels), a massive library of 100+ trading education classes, live streams with our coaches, and a vibrant trading community. It's the ultimate package for serious traders!

Ready to Take Your Trading To The Next With Our Premium Membership?

The Coaching Program Comes Included With Our Premium Membership. Here's what sets Premium apart:

  • Dedicated Trading Coach: Gain personalized guidance and support from a seasoned trading expert.
  • Premium Alerts (10+ Channels): Receive real-time market signals from a variety of veteran traders tailored to many different trading styles.
  • Extensive Education (100+ Classes): Deepen your knowledge with a vast library of on-demand trading classes and master-courses.
  • Live Streams & Trading Sessions: Interact with our coaches and fellow traders in live market analysis sessions.
  • Vibrant Trading Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and learn from shared experiences.

Why Learn Multiple Strategies? Markets are dynamic, and what works today might not work tomorrow. That's why our Premium Membership offers a diverse educational suite. Learning multiple strategies equips you to adapt to changing market conditions.

Invest in Your Trading Journey: We offer 90-day and yearly memberships for those who want to commit to mastering multiple strategies. These options provide significant savings compared to a monthly subscription. If you have any questions feel free to ask in our Free Trading Discord!

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