Trading Psychology Live Sessions

Elevate your trading game every Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST with our live stream sessions. Reflect on your journey using the Rose, Thorn, Bud method, then delve deeper with our Book Club discussions on Andrew Aziz's "Mastering Trading Psychology." Gain fresh perspectives, enrich your self-analysis, and connect with a supportive community to sharpen your trading mindset and achieve success. Join us and watch your trading journey blossom!

July 5, 2024
Meta Matt

Sharpening Your Trading Mindset: Rose, Thorn, Bud

Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST, we host a live trading psychology stream where we start off with a unique concept: the Rose, Thorn, Bud method. This introspective approach helps traders identify areas of strength, growth, and opportunity, fostering a well-rounded trading mindset.

Blooming with Accomplishment: The Rose

The Rose represents a victory from the past week. It could be a successful trade, a milestone achieved in your learning journey, or even a personal win that translates to your trading discipline. Sharing your Rose highlights your progress and inspires others.

Learning from Thorns: The Thorn

The Thorn signifies a challenge encountered or a lesson learned. Did you make a trade that didn't go as planned? Perhaps you identified a knowledge gap that needs filling. Sharing your Thorn allows for valuable learning opportunities and fosters a sense of community by acknowledging common challenges.

Looking Forward to Growth: The Bud

The Bud symbolizes your aspirations for the upcoming week. Are you setting specific trading goals? Maybe you're looking forward to diving deeper into a particular technical indicator. Sharing your Bud keeps you focused and motivated, while also sparking discussions about shared goals within the trading community.

By incorporating the Rose, Thorn, Bud method into your trading routine, you can cultivate a growth mindset, celebrate wins, learn from setbacks, and stay excited about your trading journey. Join us each Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST to participate in this insightful and interactive session!
Fill out your Rose, Bud Thorn here: Rose, Bud, Thorn

Delve Deeper: Mastering Trading Psychology Book Club

Join our vibrant Book Club, delving into Andrew Aziz's acclaimed book, Mastering Trading Psychology. Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST in our free discord voice chat, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring key concepts and strategies to enhance your trading experience.

What to Expect from the Book Club

  • Weekly Chapter Focus: Each session will delve into a specific chapter or section of Mastering Trading Psychology.
  • Expert Insights: We'll dissect the book's valuable lessons on overcoming fear, managing emotions, and developing discipline.
  • Interactive Discussions: Share your interpretations, questions, and real-life trading experiences related to the book's content.
  • Community Support: Learn and grow alongside fellow traders in a supportive and collaborative environment.

How to Prepare:

  • Grab your copy: Click here to get your FREE PDF of Mastering Trading Psychology by Andrew Aziz.
  • Come ready to share: Reflect on the assigned chapter and how it connects to your own trading journey. Prepare any questions or insights you'd like to share. Or if you want to just listen in, that's perfectly okay too!!

Trading Psychology Live Lessons

Pennybois University's Trading Psychology Live Series tackles the often-ignored, yet crucial, aspect of trading: your mindset. While technical knowledge is important, mastering your emotions and thought processes is what separates successful traders from the rest. Our interactive Live Series goes beyond the surface level of risk management, delving into the realm of risk perception. We'll help you truly understand how you view risk and its impact on your trading decisions. This series equips you with the foundational knowledge to conquer your emotions and make informed choices. From understanding your inherent biases to managing fear and greed, we'll guide you through building a winning trading mindset. Develop discipline, emotional control, and a powerful trading routine. Don't just trade, trade smart.

  1. Introduction To Psychology: Understanding the role of psychology in trading, common psychological challenges faced by traders, and introduction to key concepts: fear, greed, and discipline.
  2. Emotion Management: Recognizing and managing emotions in trading, techniques for controlling fear and greed, cultivating emotional resilience,
  3. Cognitive Biases In Trading: Exploring cognitive biases and their impact on decision-making, overcoming confirmation bias/overconfidence/anchoring, and strategies to mitigate the effects of biases.
  4. Risk Perception And Management: Understanding risk perception in trading, assessing risk tolerance and risk appetite, and implementing effective risk management techniques.
  5. Trading Mindsets: Developing a disciplined trading mindset, setting realistic goals and expectations, and cultivating patience and persistence.
  6. Building Confidence: Strategies for building and maintaining trading confidence, overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure, and importance of self-awareness in building confidence.
  7. Psychological Aspects Of Trading Systems: Evaluating trading systems from a psychological perspective, aligning trading strategies with individual personality and preferences, and adapting to market conditions and maintaining flexibility.
  8. Performance Psychology: Enhancing trading performance through mental techniques, utilizing visualization and mental rehearsal, and maintaining focus and concentration during trading.
  9. Handling Loss: Coping with losses and drawdowns, learning from mistakes and setbacks, and avoiding revenge trading and emotional trading.
  10. Trader Psychology In Different Market Environments: Understanding how psychology varies in different market conditions, psychological challenges in bull, bear, and sideways markets, and adapting trading strategies to market sentiment.
  11. Social And Environmental Influences: Impact of social media, news, and peer influence on trading decisions, managing external distractions and noise, and creating a conducive trading environment.

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