$500 Account Follow Along Day 7 | New Trading Indicator “Beacon” Hits The Markets

Feeling lost at sea in the trading world? Join me as I chart a new course with Beacon, the brand new trading indicator by StocksBuddy! This user-friendly tool promises calmer waters and brighter opportunities for my ongoing $500 trading challenge. Buckle up and get ready to navigate the markets with more confidence - and potentially more profit!

June 4, 2024
Meta Matt

Day 1 : Building a Watchlist and explaining the strategy
Day 2 : $PLTR Trade Idea 
Day 3: Buying $HOOD
Day 4: Up 5% on $HOOD
Day 5: Entered $UA Trade
Day 6: Trading In Puerto Rico

What Is Beacon?

Imagine you're a seasoned sailor, charting a course through a sea of possibilities. The market can feel the same way, brimming with potential trade setups that can leave you feeling both excited and a little lost. You might even be a new trader, hesitant to navigate the choppy waters on your own.

Here's where Beacon comes in. It's your personal lighthouse, a beacon (pun intended!) guiding you towards calmer waters and brighter opportunities. Developed by StocksBuddy, Beacon is designed to be a user-friendly alternative to our existing tools.

The Original: StocksBuddy

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Think of it as a wise old sea captain whispering valuable insights in your ear. Beacon helps you:

Chart a Calmer Course: Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of trade signals on your chart? Beacon acts as a filter, guiding you away from potentially risky counter-trend entries. It helps you focus on setups with a higher chance of success, giving you more peace of mind as you navigate the market.

Seek Out Hidden Treasures: Just like a lighthouse guiding ships towards safe harbors, Beacon helps you identify promising trade opportunities. It focuses on setups with the potential for significant returns, helping you uncover hidden gems on your charts.

Navigate with Confidence: Whether you're a seasoned trader or just setting sail, Beacon can be a valuable companion. It's offered at an accessible price point, making it a great tool for anyone looking to improve their trading experience.

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Beacon, By StocksBuddy

$500 Account Update

I didn’t really check my account much today, but none of my price alerts went off for our watchlist plays (meaning they haven’t hit entry levels yet), and neither of our targets or stop losses hit on $HOOD or $UA. As you can see this strategy is super hands off and easy to implement.

And if you want more trades, all you have to do is chart up more setups. Jay teaches how to do this in his coaching program and goes over some of the basics of the strategy in our premium Charting Master Classes.

Right now we are just patiently waiting for our watchlist plays to comes to our levels, and for our current plays to hit stop loss or targets. Easy as that. We will add some more to the watchlist this week

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